Why Do Bed Bugs Bite Me And Not My Husband? (Updated)

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If you discover bed bug bites on your skin but not on your spouse’s, you may question why you are the only one being bitten. Does this mean bed bugs favor your blood, or is it just a matter of chance?

Our team researched and compiled essential information to help you find the answer to this puzzling situation!

Top 5 Reasons Why Bed Bugs Bite You and Not Your Husband

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1. It’s a Late Bed Bug Bite Reaction

Typically, bed bug bites are immediately noticeable. Upon waking up, you may see an immediate reaction on your skin, like allergies, rashes, or lumps. What makes bed bug bites more confusing is that in some people, they appear 14 days after their bloodfest on you.

Another thing you may not be familiar with regarding bed bugs is that the appearance of bed bug bites can vary for different people. 

Moreover, bed bugs bite women because they have a warmer temperature than men (or your body emits more carbon dioxide), and as we all know, these pests are highly attracted to warmth.

2. His Body Does Not React to Bed Bug Bites

Remember that each person’s skin reacts differently to the bites while some are too sensitive to these reactions, others are not reactive at all. They both get munched by these pests; the only difference is how their bodies react.

It is not right to think that these bugs bite one person only, especially if you are both sleeping in one room. Remember that our bodies don’t react to these bites similarly, and bed bugs don’t have their “favorites.” 

3. Bed Bugs Prefer Your Blood Type

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There is a myth that bed bugs have their preferred blood types. However, experts say that this is not true. 

The most likely reason bed bugs bite you more often is your slightly warmer body temperature. The same way goes for men if in case they happen to have warmer temperatures than women. 

Are bed bugs attracted to a specific blood type? Your family members with “O” blood type most likely get bitten, but many studies are still needed to prove it.

4. It’s a Different Insect

Before you ask, “why do bed bugs munch on me often and not my husband?” check first to see if the actual reason behind your allergic reaction is bed bugs. Sometimes, it could be other insects like fleas, ticks, or mites since they also cause an allergic reaction to one’s skin. 

It is essential to inspect every area in your house to see if there is actually a bed bug infestation taking place. 

It will also help you in understanding what kind of insect is biting you and finally answer the question of why do bed bugs bite you and not your husband even if you lie on the same bed.

5. You Have More Exposed Skin 

Bed bugs love to chew on your exposed skin while you are deep asleep at night. Another possible reason bed bugs bite you, and not others is the color of your shirt.

Avoid wearing lighter colors because it prevents them from getting attracted to your skin. You might also get rid of bed bugs if you completely wear sleeping attire covering your arms and legs. Also, avoid wearing clothes that are not yours, especially to bed.

What Attracts Them to Bite You More?

One of the answers to “why are bed bugs biting me more than others?” lies in the body’s temperature when a person goes to sleep at night, especially around the head and neck. 

When bed bugs notice this and start to feel the heat from afar, they will crawl to you since they can only feed while their host is asleep and unaware [1]. 

Remember that bed bugs infest areas like bed frames, foams, box spring, mattress, or any home furniture close to you or your resting place [2].

Where To Look For Bed Bug Bite Marks?

Frequently, a bed bug may feed on your body parts that are usually exposed overnight, like the face, neck, arms, and hands. Bed bugs leave a red mark on your skin and can cause skin problems like redness and itchiness. 

It could also be the small red bumps you see in a zigzag pattern when you wake up in the morning.

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Signs of Bed Bug Bites 

One sign of a bed bug infestation in houses with high temperatures is waking up with small red and swollen lumps arranged in line or clusters. Bed bugs only bite when you are asleep and leave blood stains on your sheets. 

The good thing is that they do not feed themselves daily, so you don’t have to worry about getting bitten every day. This may allow you to stop bed bugs from performing another bloodfest on you by taking proactive measures.

Does Insect Repellant Help Prevent Bites?

woman applying insect repellent on arms

Yes, insect repellents can help rid you of bites. It is one of the best methods to help you stop these insects from sucking the blood (and a peaceful night’s rest) out of you.

You may also try to apply insect repellents like Diatomaceous Earth in shoes, pants, a mattress, and other infested areas to avoid getting consistently bitten by bed bugs.

However, you must ensure that the repellent you buy is odorless and is proven safe by doctors and the Health Department.


What repels bed bugs from biting?

You can repel bed bugs by using repellents and spraying your clothes and furniture with a sufficient amount of rubbing alcohol or essential oils. These insects cannot take the strength of alcohol’s scent, making them leave and look for another host to continue feeding on.

Can only one person get bed bug bites?

Yes, this can happen. However, even though you may be the only person who seems to have bites, a bed bug can also attack another family member. The bite’s reaction to them might differ from yours, making it look like you were the only one attacked by these nasty critters.

In Summary

There are many possible answers to the question, “why do bed bugs choose to bite me and not others?” even when you are just in the same room. Studies say bed bugs bite ladies more often than they bite men because women are from a warmer blood group type.

Remember to check what kind of insect bit you as the primary dweller, how sensitive your skin is, and observe how much skin you have exposed when resting.

To repel bed bugs, you may spray rubbing alcohol on your clothing, often vacuum your mattress, check your bed frames, and wash your bedsheets and other bedding to avoid accumulating bed bugs in your room.

If the problem gets too big to handle on your own, opt for the help of a professional exterminator so you can get better results with almost the same amount of effort and resources.



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