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What Is A Bed Bug Report & What’s On It? (Updated)

Last Updated on February 21, 2024 by Alene Schill

It can be quite bothersome to have to deal with pesky bed bugs that not only feed on your blood, but also disrupt your peaceful slumber. However, if you happen to encounter this issue in your apartment or the hotel you are staying at, there is a solution. You can write a formal letter of complaint to bring attention to the infestation.

Our team researched and created an in-depth guide to help you draft a concise and well-written bed bug report!

Everything About Bed Bug Report 

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Bed bugs have been pretty common in the U.S. (especially in New York City) to the point that approximately 20 states have enacted bed bug-specific legislation requiring landlords to provide safe, habitable, and bed bug-free housing for their tenants [1]. This is where knowing how to draft a bed bug report comes in.

This report is done by a professional exterminator that you can call and immediately perform an inspection at your home. It includes details of the evidence of bed bugs, locations that have been infested, and suggested actions to address the infestation.

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What Should the Report Contain? 

A bed bug report has numerous templates, but a well-written bed bug report must contain the following:

  • Title of the case
  • Severity/Priority of the bed bug problem
  • Description of the case
  • Environment (room, kitchen, etc.)
  • Steps to reproduce
  • The expected result after the process
  • Actual result
  • Attachments including screenshots, videos, and texts

Who Usually Writes the Bed Bug Report? 

Anyone can draft a bed bug report, but it would be better if a professional, well-trained, and licensed pest management exterminator were the one to do this.

These people know what to look for once they step into your home, and they know exactly what to write since they are the ones who deal with problems like this most of the time [2].

Should Property Owners File Annual Bed Bug Report?

Property owners are mandatorily required to file bedbug infestation reports annually. It includes the infestation history for all units to check and the possible source where it occurs.

In fact, bed bug reports should still be filed even if the housing unit is completely bed bug free since this is a mandatory requirement in some states. 

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Can You Get Sued For Not Filing It?

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This depends on what U.S. state you are currently in. In general, filing a bed bug report is mandatory in some states. Failing to do so violates protocol, and you may be penalized for non-compliance with said regulations.

Does the Bed Bug Registry in Ohio Still Work?

Yes, the bedbug registry in Ohio is still working, and you may call them at 212-668-0013. There are numerous professionals catering to bedbug infestation services you can also search online.

The first thing they do is pay a visit to the reported place and check if there is a bedbug presence. More on bed bug laws in Ohio here.

Bed Bug Sample Report

Name of Resident:


Contact Number:

Have you seen a bed bug in your unit? Yes or No

Where have you seen bed bugs in your unit?

When did you see the bed bugs first?

Have you/anyone in the household traveled recently? Yes or No

Have you recently bought used furniture in your unit? Yes or No

Describe any additional information that may be useful for controlling the problem.

Sample images and screenshots:

Resident’s signature:

Property manager:


What is an annual bed bug report?

An annual bed bug report refers to the process from filing a complaint to conducting a process to remove the bedbugs at home. Landlords are required to file it every year, especially if there are existing concerns from the tenants. 

Doing so ensures the tenants that the units are being inspected annually and that the landlord exerts due diligence in ensuring that the units are safe and habitable.

How do I know if I am staying in a hotel with a bed bug report?

The first thing you should do to check if your hotel has a bed bug report is to check with the Bed Bug Registry. It is the agency that collects information from hotel guests. This registry allows everyone to look at every hotel and see if there are already reported bed bug encounters in the said place. 

While going around the hotel room to do your own inspection might be easier, it is better to do the checking via the Bed Bug Registry beforehand to ensure you don’t bring home bed bugs with you [2].


Bed bugs may cause severe damage and health problems if preventive measures are not taken. Hence, knowing how to file a proper bedbug report is essential to ensure that you get a safe and habitable home and a peaceful night’s rest. 

Just remember that evidence is essential in these reports, so make sure to take photos and videos. Giving the Bed Bug Registry a check to see if the hotels you are about to stay in have previous bed bug reports would also be beneficial.



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