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How To Move Without Taking Bed Bugs With You

Last Updated on April 21, 2024 by Alene Schill

If you’re unable to handle a bed bug infestation, moving to a new place might seem like a good solution. However, it’s important to remember that you might unknowingly transport the bed bugs with you in the process.

Be on the safe side and leave bed bugs behind with these easy steps on how to move without taking bugs with you. 

7 Steps To Follow To Leave Bed Bugs Behind When Moving 

7 Steps To Follow To Leave Bed Bugs Behind When Moving 

1. Vacuum Everything

Before moving to your new place, the first thing you should do is vacuum everything from floors, bed, box springs, picture frames, small appliances, and more. Bed bugs are small, so it would be challenging to spot them. 

Vacuum everything since it could help you get rid of the bed bugs and their eggs. Also, please dispose of the vacuum bag in sealed plastic to ensure it will not create bed bug infestation in other places. 

2. Wash Your Clothes & Seal Them

Wash Your Clothes & Seal Them

Leave tiny bloodsuckers behind when you move by washing all your clothes (yes, even clean clothes) before sealing them. After washing and vacuuming, place your clean clothes in clear plastic bags labeled clean. 

Never place your washed clothes in unsealed boxes because there’s a chance that bed bugs can crawl to your belongings and will infest your new house in just a few weeks. In addition, it would be ideal to use a high-temperature dryer because heat can eliminate live bed bugs. 

3. Leave Your Mattress Behind

Stop bringing bed bugs to your new home by leaving your mattress behind. The mattress needs special attention, and sometimes, even after thoroughly washing it, there will still have remnants of bed bugs. With this, it would be ideal to leave behind your old and infested mattress, bed sheets, linens, blankets, and pillows. 

We know that mattresses are not cheap, so for precautions, you may be tempted to use pesticides, a washing machine dryer, heat treatment, or purchase mattress encasements. However, the most effective way for the bed bugs to leave behind when you move is if you throw your mattress away.  

4. Inspect Your Bags & Luggage

Inspect Your Bags & Luggage

Before moving, inspect all your bags and luggage before taking them to your new home. Bed bugs can crawl on your bags and luggage and hide there before you place your belongings, so to ensure that you will not bring bed bugs on your moving day, inspect it thoroughly. 

Bed bugs can easily hide on fabric items, so it would be ideal to use non-fabric bags when moving. Since bed bugs cannot crawl on plastics, it would be hard for them to hitchhike and move to your new home. 

5. Treat Infested Furniture

One of the most common causes of bed bug infestation is purchasing used furniture, so it would be better to treat infested furniture before moving out. It is not recommended to take any furniture when moving from an infested home, but make sure it is bed bug-free if unavoidable. 

If you are planning to bring a few furniture pieces like a nightstand, desk, or bookshelf, empty them first so you can effectively treat them; otherwise, expect that bed bugs will infest your new home. 

6. Shower & Change Into Clean Clothing

Shower & Change Into Clean Clothing

After cleaning and treating your furniture, take a bath and change into clean clothing. Bed bugs cannot stand the water pressure, so if bed bugs crawl into your skin, you can wash them away by showering. 

In addition, any clothing and towels used should be placed in sealed plastic bags until laundered. There’s a big chance that bed bugs hide there, so seal the bag to prevent contamination.

7. Arrange For Your Home To Get Treated

While home remedies and DIY procedures to get rid of bed bugs can help, you can quickly, safely, and effectively get rid of bed bugs with the help of a licensed pest control professional. 

In Ohio, bed bug exterminators use heat and other advanced treatments to eliminate insects effectively. If you are renting an apartment, contact your landlord ASAP so they can take proper measures to eliminate bed bug infestation.

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How Do You Kill Bed Bugs In Moving Boxes? 

How Do You Kill Bed Bugs In Moving Boxes?

If you think there are bed bugs in moving boxes or see the signs of live bugs, there’s a correct procedure to kill them since they might infest your belongings and your new space. Using a handheld pesticide spray can be an initial home remedy because it comes in handy; however, other bed bugs can develop resistance to pesticides [1].

We highly recommend using heat treatment or direct sunlight on the moving boxes to get rid of bugs. Also, keep your moving boxes sealed for at least two weeks in other rooms to avoid contamination with other belongings. 


Will bed bugs follow you if you move?

No, bed bugs will not follow you if you move because, unlike other pests, they cannot travel far on their own. However, if you do not follow the precautions in preventing bed bugs, they can hitchhike on your things, follow you, and infest your new home or apartment. But how do you prevent bed bugs when traveling?

Can bed bugs live in my car?

Yes, bed bugs can live in your car. Bed bugs can survive in places with easy access to a blood meal and the right conditions, so your car can be their hiding place. They can live there for months then move to other places and infest other locations. However, bed bugs living in cars rarely happen because they prefer to live in bedrooms and couches. 

Final Thoughts

If you are having too much trouble dealing with bed bug infestation, it is highly recommended to have your place treated or you move out. However, even if you decide to move out, there’s a big chance that you can take bed bugs with you.

It is important to follow the steps to move without taking bugs because dealing with infestations can be difficult.   



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