How to Make Bed Bugs Come Out of Hiding (Updated)

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Are you currently facing a bed bug infestation at home? Are the bed bug bites becoming unmanageable? If so, know that you are not alone!

Central Ohio is experiencing an increase in bed bug infestations, so our team prepared an in-depth guide on how to make bed bugs come out of hiding so you can get rid of them for good.

8 Things That Draw Out Bed Bugs

8 Things That Draw Out Bed Bugs

1. Heat

Bedbugs are attracted to body heat, but they cannot withstand exposure to the hottest temperature [1]. You can use the heat from a hairdryer and blast them out of their hiding spots (even from your clothes). This method is one of the most common ways to make bed bugs come out of hiding.

2. Cardboard


Cardboard is one of the bedbugs’ favorite hiding places, and it is one of the several tools that make the process of harboring bed bugs easier. You can trap bed bugs hiding under fixtures by drawing them out using a cardboard material, especially if it’s affixed with glue paper.

3. Pesticides

Want to get bed bugs out of hiding? Then opt for the old-fashioned way and use pesticides. Bedbugs are very sensitive to pesticides, and using this can help get them out of an infested room. But will Lysol get rid of bed bugs?

4. Traps


You can easily set a couple of traps in your room at night (using multiple tools), effectively catching bed bugs. One type is a sticky trap, which can be placed on the floor or furniture. Other tools also involve a CO2 trap, which uses carbon dioxide to attract bed bugs. You can opt for plastic bed bug traps if you are after the ease of installation on bed frames. But how do you find bed bugs in the daytime?

5. Bed Bug Lures

There are a few lures that can be used to attract these creatures. These are products that lure bed bugs containing chemicals that mimic the scent of human skin or human blood, which they usually feed on. Using a lure can help you get these pests out of hiding to exterminate them easily.

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6. CO2 Fumigation

CO2 Fumigation

CO2 fumigation is a treatment method used to kill bed bugs by utilizing high heat. This method is effective in helping you catch bed bugs, even in the most obscure hiding spaces, such as a bed frame. However, it is best to contact a pest control specialist to facilitate this option instead of doing it independently.

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7. Essential Oils

A good essential oil draws bed bugs easily from a full-blown infestation. These oils contain compounds that replicate the aroma bugs feed on and may be used to entice bed bugs to come out of your mattress cover. Also, you can apply this solution even if you have active traps for other insects.

8. Interceptors


Interceptors are devices that can be placed under furniture attracting bed bugs. These interceptors are made of materials that bed bugs cannot walk on from an obscure hiding spot, so they will get stuck and eventually die. Is it easy to see bed bugs with the naked eye?


What are bed bugs afraid of?

Bed bugs are afraid of light, so it can be effective to use a flashlight (even during the day) to search for them and lure them out of their hiding places. 

Where do bed bugs usually hide?

Bed bugs are found in any home area, but they usually hide in cracks and crevices near the bed, furniture, and wallpapers. But how do you get bed bugs out of your couch?

Making Bed Bugs Come Out

If you’re dealing with a severe bed bug problem, it’s important to know what attracts them to make them come out of hiding. Using the right tools makes it easier to treat the bed bug infestation you have at home. 

Knowing what attracts them is important if you’re trying to get rid of bedbugs. There are several ways on how to make bed bugs come out of hiding and make these pests easier to treat.

Once the problem gets too much for you to handle, you can call pest control experts in Central Ohio to help you get rid of those pesky bedbugs at night.



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