What Is Bed Bug Spray & How To Use It? (2023 Updated)

What Is Bed Bug Spray & How To Use It

Bed bugs are a huge problem in many states; hence, products to prevent and eliminate them have been developed and distributed today. These products may include creams, ointments, and sprays. Our team researched, scoured the market, and came up with a guide to help you figure out what bed bug sprays are, how to use … Read more

10 Best Bed Bug Exterminators in Ohio (2023 Updated)

Best Bed Bug Exterminator

Based on the Environmental Protection Agency, bed bug problems in Ohio are continually rising because of bed bugs’ increased resistance to chemicals and ineffective pest control practices. Bed bug infestations are not the same, so not every treatment plan can effectively work. Find out what’s the best bed bug exterminator on this list.  10 Best … Read more

Does Ortho Home Defense Kill Bed Bugs? (2023 Updated)

Does Ortho Home Defense Kill Bed Bugs

Ortho Home Defense is best known for killing nasty pests indoors, such as bugs, termites, and carpet beetles. However, does Ortho Home Defense kill bed bugs and finally give you a good night’s rest? We’ve researched and compiled everything you need to know about Ortho Home Defense – from its ingredients, effectivity, and how you … Read more

Does Bleach Kill Bed Bugs? Let’s Find Out! (2023 Updated)

Does Bleach Kill Bed Bugs

Bleach is a multi-purpose chemical solution widely used to clean clothes, remove stains, disinfection, and sanitize swimming pools.  But does bleach kill bed bugs? Scroll down to determine if this chemical solution can help you with your bed bug infestation.   Can Bleach Kill Bed Bugs?  Bleach is a harsh chemical that you can use to … Read more

Does Lysol Kill Bed Bugs & Their Eggs? (2023 Updated)

Does Lysol Kill Bed Bugs

Most people facing a bed bug infestation may have already come across many home treatment solutions. One fix you’ve possibly considered is using Lysol disinfectant sprays in killing bed bugs.  However, does Lysol kill bed bugs? Our team conducted a 48-hour in-depth research to answer this age-old query! Can You Kill Bed Bugs With Lysol? … Read more

Orkin Bed Bug Treatment Cost (2023 Updated)

Orkin Bed Bug Treatment Cost

Bed bugs cause people to wake up with allergies, itchiness, or swelling in their skin. But for the residents of Central Ohio, these pesky bed bugs can be treated and prevented with Orkin’s bed bug extermination services. But how much does an Orkin bed bug treatment cost? We researched and compiled an in-depth guide.   How … Read more