Can Bed Bugs Smell Blood? Explained (2022 Updated)

Can Bed Bugs Smell Blood

From wall crevices, furniture, carpets, dirty laundry, to mattresses, it seems like bed bugs are everywhere. This leaves many people wondering whether bed bugs can track their steps and, if so, how do they do that? Our team researched and took the liberty of compiling essential information to help you answer the question – can … Read more

Can Bed Bugs Be A Spiritual Attack? Resolved (2022 Updated)

Can Bed Bugs Be A Spiritual Attack

Despite scientific explanations behind bed bug infestation, there is another talk about bed bugs being a possible “spiritual attack.” Some say it brings wealth, abundance, and self-discipline, while some views it as witchcraft and even a demonic attack. Our team researched and compiled essential information to help give light to the question, “can bed bugs … Read more