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Can You Get Bed Bugs From Walking In Someone’s House?

Last Updated on April 21, 2024 by Alene Schill

There’s no guarantee that your living space will continue to be devoid of bed bugs, even if it’s presently without pests.

There are different ways that bed bugs can establish their base camp in your bedroom or other areas. And for sure, you wonder if stopping by a house with bed bugs could spark an infestation in your home. 

So, can you get bed bugs from walking in someone’s house? Let’s find out!

Is It Possible to Get Bed Bugs By Walking in Someone’s House? 

close up photo of bed bug

Yes, it is possible to catch bed bugs by walking in someone’s house. Bed bugs don’t need to crawl much to move from one place to another. They’ll just need to stick to clothes, suitcases, or anything they hop on. From there, they can travel practically anywhere. 

And since female bed bugs lay eggs, they can quickly repopulate in a different place or house, causing a bed bug infestation. 

If, unfortunately, you catch bed bugs, you can always consult a pest control professional to prevent severe bedbug infestations. But will you get bed bugs from hugging someone?

Factors to Consider

Severity of Infestation

bed bug infestation on a socket

Visiting a family, friend, or person with a severe bug infestation at home is not a good idea. Not only because you’re prone to bed bug bites, but you can actually bring them to your house. You know how it’s extremely challenging to get rid of bugs. 

One uninvited bed bug can start an infestation, and regularly vacuuming your place isn’t enough of a pest control method. 

You can check similar posts online, where people get bedbugs just by dropping at a friend with a severe bed bug infestation at home. 

Length of Stay

If you’re staying somewhere else for some time and notice bite marks on your skin, that’s a good indicator that bed bug infestation is happening at that particular place. 

Once you stay longer at an infested place or area, bed bugs already see you as their host. 

All they can do is feed human blood, hide on furniture, and lays eggs. The more you stay, the more chance of bringing them with you when you get home.  

Place Where You Walked Into 

You may get the bed bugs from walking into prone areas like hotel rooms and your friend’s home or sitting on a couch and sleeping in beds where bed bugs hide. The bad news is you are likely to get a few bed bugs and bring them home unconsciously. 

If you stayed at your friend’s house overnight, you have probably interacted with another person or overnight guests who bring bed bugs with them from their homes.

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Placing Belongings in Prone Areas 

In addition to your clothing, other items can also help transport bed bugs from an infested area to your home. These items could be your luggage, handbag, boxes, or anything you brought with you. 

You may have placed any of your things near their hiding places, like furniture, bed, mattress encasement, used vacuum bag [1] or plastic bag, etc.

Once they stick to your belongings, don’t be surprised by bed bugs coming home with you in your apartment, starting a bed bug problem sooner than you think. 

How to Avoid Getting Bed Bugs After a Visit? 

Keep Your Belongings Off the Floor or Bed

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It’s a bad idea to put your belongings on the bed or near any possible hiding spots in an infested home. 

Since bed bugs are not visible to the naked eye, it’s better to pay close attention to your things to prevent bed bugs from coming and spreading an infestation in your place. But will bed bugs get into your private parts?

Carefully Check Your Clothes and Things After Leaving

Before you leave a particular house or place, make sure to inspect your things. Clean your items to get rid of bed bugs that get stuck to them. 

Also, avoid bringing anything from an infested place. You’re just giving the bed bugs quick access to your place, placing yourself and any family member at risk.

Change Into Clean Clothes When You Get Home

As soon as you get home, make sure to change your garments right away. Bed bugs tend to move from one place to another by hopping onto clothes. Don’t let yourself be a victim! 

Remove all the clothes your wore outside unless you want the bugs to sleep with you in your bed.

Wash Your Clothes and Dry in High Heat 

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Wash the garments you removed immediately using hot water and dry in high heat. According to professional exterminators, it can kill bed bugs effectively– preventing them from spreading to your entire home.  

PRO TIP: Exposing bed bugs to high heat [2] with over 120 degrees Fahrenheit can kill them in minutes. So, we suggest using steam cleaners that can produce over 300 degrees Fahrenheit. But, if the issue gets out of hand, calling a pest exterminator service is your best option. 


Can you get bed bugs from standing in someone’s house?

Yes, it is theoretically possible to catch bugs from standing in someone’s place. However, the chance is low unless you stand near their shelter areas like wall cracks, bookshelves, or beddings. 

How do I know if I have been exposed to bedbugs?

You are exposed to bedbugs when you see bite marks on your skin, blood stains on your clothing, or you notice dark, rusty spots on your belongings. 


If given the opportunity, bed bugs can spread from one house to another, sparking an infestation. They can move anywhere by hopping on clothes, suitcases, and even books. 

If someone has been experiencing an infestation, and you happen to visit the place, you can probably bring some bugs home. 

Once they are inside your home, you can’t stop them from multiplying and breeding out of control. They can also feast on your blood while you’re sleeping. 

So, in case of chaos strikes your home, you can try home remedies to kill bed bugs, like using carbon dioxide or interceptors. Also, consulting a professional exterminator is a good option. 



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