Can I Get Bed Bugs From Hugging Someone? Answered

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If a person is facing a bed bug infestation, receiving a hug from a loved one can potentially cause more problems instead of bringing the usual warm and comforting feelings.

These tiny insects are challenging to spot, and bed bug bites are a chore to deal with. So if you’re wondering, “can I get bed bugs from hugging someone?” check out what we found!

Is it Possible to Get Bed Bugs From a Hug?

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Yes, it’s possible to get bed bugs from hugging someone, but it depends on various factors. Bed bug infestations are highly prolific and invasive.

People can become agents when they latch on to their hosts’ clothing, which is why they spread swiftly from one room to another. 

Don’t you find it odd that bed bug exterminators typically get rid of bed bugs in the infected room and the rooms directly adjacent, above, and under the room in question?

In the same way that bed bugs find shelter in box springs, people’s clothes can be one of their hiding places.

Professional exterminators say bed bugs are typically inactive when their host is awake.

However, one may still possibly catch bedbugs through person-to-person contact, even if the chance is slim to none. But can you also get bed bugs from walking in someone else’s house?

Chances of Getting It

Length of Hug

Unlike an adult bed bug, a nymph is more active. Nymphs are always hungry for a blood meal, and this bloodthirst is why they’re mobile whether or not the host is asleep.

With that said, catching bedbugs from a lengthy hug may give nymphs enough allowance to transfer to their next target’s clothes. 

Another case is that your clothes rub against the other person’s fabric which may swoop the bed bugs off their person.

While these might be improbable scenarios, they are never a complete impossibility.


Bedbug infestations can happen anywhere, whether on the bed or the couch – it doesn’t really matter.

Depending on your approximate location, if you’re in someone’s house with a bed bug infestation, you’re still at risk of catching bugs. 

The problem is that it’s easy to blame an innocent hug if a person experiences the presence of bed bugs after that.

It’s more likely to acquire the bed bugs from spending time in an infested place than from performing any other action. 

Level of Infestation

In case of extreme bed bug infestation, these bugs may not only be hiding in a person’s bed frame but even in their clothing.

In this extreme situation, the bed bugs may possibly transfer to another person through a hug or if they spend too much time together. 

This happens if the critters’ existing systems no longer permit them to remain in the same colony. For example, female bed bugs will separate from their group after several matings [1]. 

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Can Bed Bugs Lay Eggs On You After A Hug?

a person got bitten by insect

It depends. First, it’s unlikely that bed bugs will inhabit clothes you’re actively wearing. Humans tend to be mobile, and bed bugs don’t like that. They tend to find and set up camp in a stationary habitat. 

However, Virginia Tech says wandering female bed bugs can lay anywhere [2]. This means that in the very small chance that a pregnant female transfers to another person via a hug, they can lay bedbug eggs.

If they do, it’s easy to get rid of them. You can kill bed bugs by subjecting your clothing to a hot water wash.

Tips to Avoid Getting It

Asking you not to hug another person is just impossible. Follow these tips to help you in avoid and deal with these nasty pests if the need arises:

  • Regularly clean your room; steam clean when possible.
  • Subject clothes to hot wash and then heat dry after.
  • Don’t use bug bombs as they’re highly ineffective.
  • Prioritize personal hygiene like changing clothes as frequently as possible or needed.
  • Spot for critters’ uniquely identifying signs (dark cluster of spots, small white eggs, etc.).
  • Keep your browser and internet device ready to contact exterminators when needed, as they’re typically always active. Different devices could be needed, so it’s better to opt for professional help.

Speaking of exterminators, here’s a pro tip:

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How To Spot Bed Bugs After a Hug

using microscope to see bed bugs on human skin

Here’s the thing: you can’t. Unlike other animals, a bed bug’s small size gives them an enhanced functionality to hide in plain sight.

There’s no one way to spot them, but if you feel icky about the prospect of having bugs in your person, here’s something you can possibly do:

If access to a hot wash and hot dryer is unavailable, you can use a vacuum to suck out any bug you suspect in the clothing. Empty the content into a plastic bag and then dispose of the thing.


How easily do bed bugs transfer?

They can transfer quite easily. It’s mostly when people sleep that bed bugs transfer from one location to another, and they can get around rather quickly at a speed of 4 feet per minute. Bed bugs easily move between floors and rooms and quickly tuck into a new hiding place before being spotted. 

Can you get bed bugs from being around someone who has them?

Yes. You can get bed bugs when you spend time with someone who has them. If you’re in a friend’s house infested with bed bugs, you can acquire some if you sit near the critters’ hiding spots like the couch, the bed, or via a hug, which is unlikely but possible.


A bed bug infestation can take place anywhere and can come from everywhere. It’s highly necessary to be keen with people you interact with, whether a stranger or a loved one, to avoid catching the bugs. 

However, when you get them from a hug, kill the bed bugs before they spread and infest the whole place. Keep your device nearby to contact exterminators immediately should the need arise.



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