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Can Bed Bugs Get In Your Private Parts? (Updated)

Last Updated on April 21, 2024 by Alene Schill

Finding out that a group of bed bugs has invaded your private areas can indeed trigger dreadful dreams.

In all seriousness, can bed bugs get in your private parts? We’re here to debunk most myths that you might be familiar with. 

Can Bed Bugs Get Into Your Private Parts? 

Can Bed Bugs Get Into Your Private Parts? 

No, bed bugs cannot get into your private parts. 

These pests are hardwired to land on your exposed skin, suck blood, and jump ship before you have a chance to notice. If they were to burrow inside your clothes, locate your genitals, and build a nest there, they would be against their nature. 

People fear bed bugs targeting their private parts if they don’t wear clothes to sleep. They generally avoid hairy parts of the human body, such as your head and your privates, nor do they like body parts where the skin folds, like the armpits and inner elbows. 

Bed bugs feed on smooth skin, such as those on your back, arms, and legs, where they find more preferable blood vessels. Find out what causes bed bugs here

5 Reasons That Makes It Impossible

5 Reasons That Makes It Impossible 

1. Acidity

Your private parts are highly acidic, and bed bugs will not survive. The natural fluids within your private parts contain amounts of lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide, which are strong enough to kill bed bugs depending on exposure. 

2. No Air circulation

No Air circulation

Scientific evidence suggests that bed bugs cannot survive without oxygen. They will not be able to survive within your nether regions because of the lack of oxygen and air circulation. 

Should they get in contact with your privates, they can die quickly because of acidic fluids suffocation. 

3. High pH Levels

Your private parts have a natural pH level that bed bugs do not find favorable. A healthy vagina’s pH level ranges between 3.8 to 4.5, which is considered mildly acidic. [1

The acidity and high pH levels in your vagina will naturally kill bed bugs. 

4. Menstruation/Periods


A common myth says that since bed bugs love blood, they will be more drawn to you whenever you’re on your period. 

Uhm, no. False. 

Bed bugs have no way of knowing whether or not someone’s on their period. You are no more attractive to them because you’re on your period. 

Bed bugs use their senses to detect carbon dioxide and body heat, which lets them know that an available host is nearby. But is a bed bug attracted to certain blood types?

5. High Temperatures 

Can bed bugs live in your genitals? Your private parts remain warm and acidic throughout the day, making for an unfavorable environment for them to thrive. You will find that they will always avoid this area due to high heat and temperatures. 

5 Things That Would Keep Bed Bugs Away 

5 Things That Would Keep Bed Bugs Away 

1. Wear Underpants

If you’re truly worried about the possibility of them getting into your private parts, it’s a great idea to wear underpants instead of going commando whenever you sleep. Bed bugs bite on the bare skin of your body, so your privates will stay safe. 

2. Apply Repellents 

Apply Repellents 

Bed bug repellents are a great idea to keep bed bugs and all other bugs away while you sleep. Plenty of commercially-available bug repellent options are available over the counter, or you can opt to use natural oils, like lavender, instead. These will keep insects away from your bum, private parts, and other body parts. 

3. Use Blankets

Blankets are a great way to confuse bed bugs and prevent them from biting you. Wrap yourself up in a blanket when you sleep, so the bed bugs do not find bare skin. (Your face and neck might still be up for grabs, but hey, at least you’ve limited their snack zones) But why do bed bugs bite your face?

4. Wear Pajamas

Wear Pajamas

As mentioned, bed bugs find clothes a nuisance, so, naturally, if you wear pajamas to bed, the same logic will apply. If you find out there is a bed bug infestation on your bed, wearing pajamas is one of the best, most workable ways to keep them from biting you. Refrain from going to sleep without clothes until you get rid of bed bugs. 

5. Exterminate The Infestation 

And lastly, the best way to keep the pests away is to exterminate the infestation. It’s best to call a licensed pest control company right away as soon as you know there is a bed bug infestation in your home. 

Remember: a few adult bed bugs can turn into a full-blown infestation in just a few weeks. 

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Why They Couldn’t Live on Human Body Parts 

Why They Couldn't Live on Human Body Parts 

Unlike lice or ticks, bed bugs do not live on a host. Instead, bed bugs hide in the environment, favoring beds, bedding, mattresses, bed frames, box springs, baseboards, wallpapers, dark cracks, and furniture crevices.

They also do not like hot places, and the natural warmth of humans is enough to throw them off. Trust us — they do not want to make your body their home. 

They’ll leave their hiding spots once in a while (preferably at night) to suck on human blood to eat and retreat to their homes once done. 

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Can Bed Bugs Bite Your Genitals? 

Yes, bed bugs can bite your genitals. If your genitals were the first thing these opportunists reached, they would feed on them and suck blood like any other part of your body. 

The thing is, it’s highly unlikely for them to bite your genitals because they like clear, exposed skin, like your back, arms, and thighs. These areas are easier for them to bite and make a quick getaway once they’re done. 

Your genitals are in a hard-to-reach area, and they would not bother getting to them in the first place. But have you ever wondered why bed bugs only bite your feet?

Do Bed Bugs Prefer Shaved or Hairy Regions? 

Do Bed Bugs Prefer Shaved or Hairy Regions? 

Bed bugs prefer shaved areas of your body or those that do not have hair. You’ll rarely find bed bug bites on your scalp, armpits, or private parts. 

The hair makes it difficult for them to move around. They have a preference for the clear, exposed skin on your body. 

What Other Pests Live On Pubic Hair? 

Just because bed bugs can’t live on your private parts doesn’t mean it’s exempt from all other insects. Ever heard of pubic lice?

As the name suggests, pubic lice live exclusively on your pubic hair. These lice are white, small, and oval-shaped, unlike the bed bug, which is round, flat, and reddish-brown.

They are usually spread through sexual contact or by sharing towels, clothing, and bed sheets with an infected person. 


Can bed bugs crawl up your legs?

Yes, bed bugs can crawl up your legs and skin, but they probably won’t, especially if you’re awake and moving. They prefer to target sleeping people, so they’re more active during the night. They can crawl up your legs and bite you while you’re asleep. 

How do you know if bed bugs bit your private parts?

Bed bug bites don’t look much different from other insects’, but if you have been sleeping without underwear and find bed bugs on your mattress, these are clear symptoms that they have bitten you. Their bites are red and itchy, usually formed in clusters of three. 

Key Takeaways  

No, bed bugs can’t get in your private parts. 

Bed bugs find clothing a nuisance and prefer biting exposed skin (like the skin on your back, arms, and legs), so it’s highly unlikely that they’ll target your private parts. They also find the environment of your private parts, such as high acidity and pH level, is not suitable for them to live in. 

However, if you’re still concerned that they might somehow get to your private parts, you can wear underwear and pajamas or wrap yourself up in a blanket when you sleep. 

It would also do you good to contact a professional exterminator who can get rid of bed bugs. 



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