Can Bed Bugs Get In Your Eyes? Resolved (2023)

Last Updated on January 5, 2023 by Alene Schill

Since bed bugs are so tiny that they can fit into any holes or gaps, you might be afraid, thinking that they can get in your eyes when you sleep. 

We can’t blame you for feeling this way, as this blood-sucking pest loves to crawl on things they can feed on or hide in. 

But, can bed bugs get in your eyes? Are they any parts of your body that they can get into? Here are things you should know. 

Can Bed Bugs Get In My Eyes?

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Bed bugs can get in your eyes as near as possible. They can bite it and suck blood out of it to satisfy themselves, leaving you a small, red bump. This pest can get into any part of your body as long as they see they can fit. 

There’s a big possibility that a bed bug can get near your eyes when you’re inactive. The worst part is that a bed bug bite in your eyes can be an issue that requires medical care. 

Will It Get In Other Parts of Your Body?


It’s possible that bed bugs can get in your ears, especially when there’s easy access. But, it is implausible to happen. Though bed bugs are tiny creatures, they not small enough to fit in your ear canal. 


Bed bugs may enter your nose when you’re asleep. While this can be true, it will be very challenging for bed bugs to get into your nose as they’re not small enough to fit in your nostrils. 

Also, the hairs on the nose will make it hard for a bed bug to go through. They can bite you, but they will never get into you completely. 


Bed bugs can get into your hair, but they will never hide or live in it. But, the most annoying thing here is they can bite your head. You may not feel their bite, but it will leave small red welts on your hairline or forehead. But will bed bugs get into your private parts?


Like all body parts, a bed bug can get near your mouth, but it will not get into it completely. Bed bugs are also intelligent creatures, and they’re not the type to wander inside the body where they can be trapped. All this pest can do is bite and feed on fresh blood as much as possible. 

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Will Bed Bugs Bite Your Eyelid? 

swollen eye of a kid

Yes, bed bugs can bite your eyelid whenever possible. Once they see easy access to your skin, where they can feed blood, they will take that opportunity, not just in your eyelids but also in other parts of your body. 

But you must be aware that the eyes are a sensitive part of the body. Anything that can trigger irritation or medically-negative effect must be avoided– including insect bites.


Can bed bugs affect your eyes?

No, bed bugs will not affect your eyes in a major way. While bed bug bites [1] near your eyes are possible and can trigger irritation, it does not impose any significant health-threatening issue. If so, that’s very rare. 

Can a bed bug live in your eye?

No, a bed bug can’t live in your eye. They have no interest in wandering inside your eyes. They’re only looking for the surface, where they can freely feed blood for 10 minutes or so.

In Summary

We can say that bed bugs can get in your eyes while looking for bloodmeal, but that’s very rare. The human body is too large, so they have more skin surfaces to feed on. 

We don’t ignore the idea of a bed bug getting in other parts of the body like ears, nose, mouth, and hair, but that’s unlikely to happen.

If you’re afraid of bed bugs getting into your body, then better to get rid of them immediately and make your living space bug-free. 



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