Can Bed Bugs Be A Spiritual Attack? Resolved (Updated)

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Despite scientific theories explaining the existence of bed bugs, there are also beliefs that they may be caused by spiritual forces. While some see bed bugs as a symbol of prosperity, abundance, and discipline, others associate them with witchcraft or even demonic influence.

Our team researched and compiled essential information to help give light to the question, “can bed bugs be a spiritual attack?”

Are Bed Bug Infestations A Result of Spiritual Attack? 

bed bug infestation developed on the mattress in folds and seams

Spiritual attacks are one factor that some people look into after the sudden increase of the common bed bug all over the country. In Roman times, bed bugs are considered an ancient form of a witchcraft attack. This is after they found an increasingly large number of bed bugs in people’s homes. 

Bed bugs are seen as a sign of supernatural attacks and are believed to emit energy that can influence your life and decisions. 

3 Ways To Identify If It’s a Spiritual Attack

1. Dreaming About Bed Bugs Sucking Your Blood

man sleeping in his bed

A bed bug infestation may bring chaos to your life and chase you, even in your dreams. It may mean nothing to others, but dreaming of a bed bug sucking your blood brings negative energy, symbolizing the family member or friend who abuses your goodness.

A person who dreams of having many bed bugs in their bodies should also prepare for an argument. Something might cause you to get angry with the people surrounding you, and it may be because lots of them have numerous excuses not to help you.

2. Feeling the Disturbance Especially at Night

Bed bugs may give off negative energy, especially at night. This is a great concern in one’s life as it can disturb sleep and peace. 

A Bed bug infestation is said to be a spiritual attack if it consumes your energy, and you carry this draining feeling with you daily, possibly wondering what you did wrong. 

Due to the attack, you might feel the heaviness and uneasiness inside you (which you can’t get rid of), despite resting for a whole day. 

Their spiritual attacks are said to remove the balance in your spiritual and personal life. 

3. Bed Bugs Following You Around

You will also know if you are under psychic attack if the bed bugs seem to be following you wherever you go. It may not be due to evil spirits, but it can be someone close to you. 

In life, we cannot erase the fact that there are people who will attack us because of the progress we make. Those people envy your progress and achievements while you are growing as an individual.

It is said that a bed bug attack could reveal the evil intention of people, so you better pay attention to your environment. But what really causes bed bugs?

6 Spiritual Interpretation of Bed Bugs 

1. Wealth and Abundance

flying money coins and bills

The spiritual world tells you that when a white bed bug appears in your dream, it signifies wealth and abundance. It is also a sign that money is coming your way.

2. Power of Tiny Things 

The bed bug infestation may start in your room and spread to the whole house. One spiritual interpretation of this is that you shouldn’t take the power of small things lightly. What may seem small and insignificant for you may grow into something big and important later. Here are more facts about bed bugs.

3. Self Discipline

Another spiritual meaning of bed bugs includes self-discipline. Life has its ways of reminding you to be in control and keep things in balance. This is also a wake-up call to be more responsible for your actions, protect yourself from impure thoughts, and take hold of your life. 

You can start with the small things like keeping your home clean to ensure that there is no way for an infestation to prosper.

4. Disunity

If your household isn’t united in keeping everything clean and in order, then the appearance of bed bugs might bring a spiritual message and even bad luck to the whole family. 

Having a bed bug attack in your home can be a spiritual sign that each family member is more focused on “doing their own thing” than working together to keep everything in order. Each family member must have a sense of responsibility.

5. Lack and Poverty

Other countries like Africa always pray not to have bed bugs at home because it represents lack and poverty. For them, it is a bad omen as it destroys valuable possessions. 

6. Spend Within Your Means

One spiritual meaning of bed bugs is to remind you to limit your spending habit. Of course, having bed bugs means you have a huge problem at hand, and how will you be able to take care of this issue if you don’t have a budget set aside for unforeseen events like this?

Bed Bug Infestation as a Form of Witchcraft?

History proves that bed bugs were once a sign of witchcraft. In the past, almost everything “odd” that happened in people’s lives was regarded as magic or witchcraft since Science and technology are not yet as advanced as today. 

Some people who hold grudges against another use these insects to get revenge while watching their victim suffer from afar. Bed bugs were also commonly found near or within a witch’s circle, thus branded as carriers of “dark energies” or a sign of evil.

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How to Deal With It?

Whether bed bugs are a spiritual attack or not, there are numerous ways to stop them from wreaking havoc.

The first is to search for self-help books or watch talk shows that can teach self-control and discipline, as having a bed bug in your home could indicate that you lack proper hygiene and self-discipline. 

You may also get well-meaning advice from the experts of these lower astral dimensions insects (or you can search online) to help you battle this spiritual warfare. This way, you will understand what is happening and gain an idea of how you can combat the attacks.

Afterward, it’s time to contact a professional exterminator to help you get rid of this problem once and for all.

Why Do Bed Bugs Attack People? 

Aside from the spiritual problems and signs concerning our body, spirit, and values, a bed bug attack could indicate that you are too lax and are not taking the proper precautions to protect yourself. 

Bed bugs are one of the major concerns of most countries in the world, and these pests have been increasing at a rapid rate all over the world [1]

If you see one bug in your unit’s wooden bed frames or matrix-like mattresses, you shouldn’t dismiss this and take immediate action. 

What Does the Bible Say? 

Spiritually speaking, the Bible states that God created all beings in the world (whether living things or not), which means He also created bed bugs [2]. 

Bed bugs could’ve been created to serve as a food source for spiders or remind you to keep your home tidy.


Why do people attack you spiritually with bed bugs?

People attack you spiritually with a bed bug because they do not have the power to damage and harm you physically. They want to take revenge on you, your family, and your friends without staining their hands.

What can I do about a bed bug spiritual attack?

If you are under a bed bug spiritual attack, you should first remove bed bugs by thoroughly cleaning your home and finding their source to prevent them from spreading throughout your household. 

Then, you can do something about it spiritually by evaluating your existence, the people you associate with, and ridding yourself of any negative energies that could harm your body and spirit.

Final Thoughts 

If bed bugs infest your furniture, box springs, mattress, and almost every piece of furniture you have at home, then there could be a logical and spiritual reason why bed bugs infest your home. These insects either bear a spiritual meaning, act as a sign or serve as a reminder of what’s to come in your life.

Their presence can signify your family’s disunity, lack of self-control, scarcity, and poverty. The first thing you should do when they start to infest your house is to reflect on what could be the point of all this and single out the source of imbalance at home.



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