Are Bed Bugs Crunchy Or Squishy? Resolved (Updated)

Last Updated on February 21, 2024 by Alene Schill

Bed bugs, pesky little black creatures, may be disrupting your peaceful slumber. If you’re feeling irritated by their presence, you may want to eliminate them. But have you ever pondered: do bed bugs have a crunchy or squishy texture?

If you’re curious, you might as well read through this article and find out the answer.  

If I Squeeze a Bed Bug, Will It Be Crunchy or Squishy? 

hand squeezing bed bug

If you squeeze a bed bug, how crunchy or squishy it may be, depends on whether they just fed or not. 

When the bed bugs fed not so long ago, their bodies would be soft, and you could easily squish them. Bed bugs would be squishy just after eating– looking like a cooked pea or bean. Notably, the young bed bugs are also very squishy.

On the other hand, bed bugs may become crunchy if they haven’t fed for a long time. Their shells harden, making them crunchy when you squash them. 

Will It Make a Crunchy Sound?

It depends. A crunchy sound only applies to larger bed bugs. Squashing a larger bed bug on a hard floor or surface will make a soft, crunchy sound. But smaller bugs, which you can barely see, are too small to make a crisp sound when you squash them.

Also, the sounds depend on whether they’ve been fed or not. You can only expect a crunchy sound if they hadn’t eaten for a long time.

Are Bed Bug Eggs Squishy? 

bed bug eggs

Bed bug eggs are naturally squishy. They’re soft, and you can easily squeeze them between your fingers. Also, bed bug eggs smear, similar to bed bug nymphs. 

Bed bug eggs have an outer shell containing the fluid from which the bed bug will grow. The solid outer shell can keep the liquid inside, but it won’t be able to resist when crushed.

You can squash them in various ways. You can try to squish them by rubbing them between your fingers or crushing them with your nails. 

However, this method is not considered a viable treatment if you want to get rid of bed bugs in your home. 


What Do Bed Bugs Look Like When You Squish Them?

When you squish a bed bug, blood will come out from their body, leaving some tiny blood smear on your walls and floor. They will be squishy when they’ve just fed, and when you squish them, they will become flat. 

But, when they’re from hibernation or fed a long time ago, their shell hardens, and they’ll also look flat.

So whether you squish them or not, they will still look the same– flat as they are. 

How to Deal With Crushed Bed Bug Stain?

bed bug infestation stain

When you squish a bed bug, it will leave a stain. Of course, you would want to remove the stain immediately, and here’s how you should deal with that. 

  • If the stain is fresh, submerge the stained area in cold water and let it sit for a couple of minutes to make it easier to scrub. Then, use a small amount of soap to create a lather before rinsing it.
  • If the stain is old, we recommend using a pre-treatment stain remover before laundering to remove the stain.


Will bed bugs smell when you squeeze them?

Yes. A bed bug will leave a musty and lingering smell when you squeeze them. Also, if they’re pressed after they’ve eaten, they will release a bloody scent that’s sweet and metallic. 

Besides, when they know they’re in danger, they release their “alarm pheromones” [1] that smell similar to their natural scent.

Can you crush bed bug eggs?

Yes, you can crush bed bug eggs like adult bed bugs. Crushing bed bug eggs can prevent them from hatching and growing. But that requires a lot of effort. But what do dead bed bugs look like?

Can you squeeze bed bugs by hand?

Yes, you can use your hands to squeeze bed bugs. They’re tiny enough to be crushed by your nails. But, when you use your hand, wash it after as bed bugs leave a nasty smell when crushed. 

Will stepping on bed bugs kill them?

Yes, stepping on bed bugs kills them. But, you need to directly step on them to effectively kill them. If you really want to eliminate the bed bugs, you can spray pesticides or call an exterminator for a more effective infestation elimination. 

In Summary

Bed bugs are very annoying creatures that live in holes or cracks within your home. Getting rid of them is challenging, and squishing them is not the only solution. 

But it’s interesting to know if they’re crunchy or squishy. By now, you sure know what to expect when you squeeze the bed bugs- they can be crunchy or squishy. 

If they’re squishy, it means they just fed. But, if they’re crunchy, it means they haven’t eaten for a long time, and they’re surely looking for food to eat. 



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