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Are Bed Bugs Attracted To Certain Blood Types?

Last Updated on April 21, 2024 by Alene Schill

Chances are, if you’re examining this text, you’re questioning why bed bugs appear to bite you more frequently than your roommate. Could it be possible that specific blood types are more appealing to bed bugs?

We’ll help bust some of the most common myths everyone seems to believe. 

Bed Bugs & Blood Types 

Bed Bugs & Blood Types 

Hate to break it to you, but no, bed bugs are not attracted to a certain blood type. 

Bed bugs feed on all blood types, regardless of what it is. There have been no reliable studies proving that bed bugs are drawn to certain blood types. 

Anyone could be a target for bed bug bites. 

Having said that, it’s not like these pests don’t have their favorites. It’s said that bed bugs prefer certain victims based on familiarity. If a bed bug bites someone with blood type O frequently, they’ll be more accustomed to choosing victims with this blood type in their life cycle. The same goes for A, AB, B, etc. 

If bed bugs have favorites, they have dislikes, too. One study showed that bed bugs do not like people whose blood has been combined with alcohol. So those who like to drink alcohol before bed have a lower risk of attracting bed bugs (not saying you should drink all the time, though!). Find out if bed bugs will eat anything other than blood here

What Blood Types Attract Bed Bugs? 

As mentioned earlier, bed bugs bite anyone belonging to any blood type. However, they do develop a preference, especially if they have been regularly feeding on that blood type. 

If a bed bug with a preference for type B blood noticed that his regular host is unavailable during feeding hours, that same bed bug would still contentedly snack on a different blood type. They’re huge opportunists and not at all picky. But can bed bugs really smell blood?

What Your Blood Type Means To Bed Bugs

What Your Blood Type Means To Bed Bugs 

Your blood type means very little to a bed bug, unlike mosquitoes which tend to favor snacking on people who have blood type O. Bed bugs are attracted to any available host. 

Bed bugs will also happily feed on you even though they’d just fed on someone else. 

The only scenario we could think of that these pests could afford to be choosy is if they have a whole room of human hosts to choose from, like cramped settings in developing world hospitals, camps, and military barracks, with single beds.

A bed bug can afford to only feed on people with their favorite blood type since they don’t have to travel far to reach their victims.

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Blood Groups & Pheromones 

Certain blood types generate stronger pheromones, like type O. This is proven by how most mosquitoes choose people with this blood type as victims, despite the availability of other people in a group setting. [1

A bed bug could care less about your pheromones and which blood group you belong to. As long as you provide a decent human blood meal during their feeding hours, that’s good enough for them. But will these bugs live in your skin?

How Do Bed Bugs Choose Their Victims? 

How Do Bed Bugs Choose Their Victims? 

You’re good enough for bed bugs as long as you exude body heat and exhale carbon dioxide. 

This is precisely their reason for choosing mattresses, box springs, bed frames, and couches as their favorite hiding places — this is where their victims are naturally sleeping, resting, or stilling still for long periods. Bed bugs feed at night when you’re asleep with little to no fear that they’ll be disturbed. 

Aside from that, they don’t really pick and choose who their next victim will be. As long as the person can provide them with a decent blood meal, they are good enough. But can you feel bed bugs crawling on you?

It’s also known that people will not react the same way to bed bug bites. A person might develop red, itchy welts on their skin that could even evolve into an infection, while another person might not show the bite marks on their skin. 

Body Heat & Bed Bugs 

Since bed bugs love body heat, it’s worth noting that some blood types naturally generate more heat than others. 

It’s said that type O blood produces more heat than other blood types, but other factors like exercising, stress, intense emotions, and viruses can also alter the natural temperature of the blood. 

However, there isn’t enough evidence to prove that bed bugs will target people who have type O blood more than others. As far as they’re concerned, all blood types are equal. 


What attracts bed bugs to bite you?

Bed bugs are attracted to body heat and carbon dioxide, so naturally, they are attracted to all living humans, including dirty clothes and used beddings. You will normally find them hiding out in your mattress, bed frame, box spring, or couch during the daytime and only come out at night when it’s time to feed. 

Bed bugs have come to associate nighttime with safe feeding hours because they know this is when they’re least likely to be disturbed. 

What are bed bugs afraid of?

You may be surprised to know that bed bugs are deathly afraid and will do their best to avoid some natural products inside your home. 

Bed bugs are afraid of essential oils like tea tree and lavender. You can put a few drops of oil and some water into an old spray bottle and spray it on several items in your home, including the mattress, carpet, curtains, and other furniture. 

However, we strongly advise you to contact pest experts to help you with the bed bug infestation, as using natural oils will only force them to move to another location instead of getting rid of them. 

In Summary

Bed bugs don’t care much for your blood type, and they are not attracted to specific blood types. 

Whether your blood type is A, AB, or O, they will be more than happy to nibble on you when it’s time to feed. On the other hand, more mosquitoes have an affinity for people with type O blood because their scent exudes more attractive pheromones. 

Having said that, they are not exempt from playing blood-type favorites. Studies have shown that bed bugs are attracted to the blood types that they grew up eating. So if they had frequently fed on someone with type A blood growing up, they might prefer people with this blood type over others. 

It’s best to contact licensed experts to help you get rid of bed bug infestations. 



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