Are Bed Bugs Arachnids? Here’s The Answer

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Is it accurate to label bed bugs as arachnids since they bear a resemblance to ticks? If not, what is the correct classification for bed bugs?

Is there any proof to support this claim? Let’s answer the questions as we move along with today’s article.  

Bed Bugs: Arachnids or Not?

a bed bug

Bed bugs are not arachnids like most people think.

The most common feature of arachnids is having eight legs, which bed bugs do not possess, as they only have six legs. 

However, bed bugs are insects which is in the same phylum as arachnids. 

What Category is a Bed Bug?

Bed bugs belong to the Kingdom Animalia, under the phylum Arthropoda. Since it is considered an insect, bed bugs are from the “Insecta” class within the Hemiptera order. 

And under the order, it belongs to the Cimicidae family and superfamily, Cimicoidea. 

The main reason it belongs to the Cimicidae family is that cimicids are tiny, oval-shaped, flat in appearance creatures, which is what bed bugs look exactly like.

Also, in their family, all species do not fly, but they have tiny, nonfunctional wing pads. 

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Main Difference Between Arachnids and Bed Bugs

a bed bug and an arachnid insect


Insects, like bed bugs, differ from arachnids in the number of feet. Bed bugs have three pairs of legs, while arachnids possess four pairs of legs. All species belonging to the Insecta class have six legs, unlike arachnids with eight legs. 


Arachnids prefer feeding on animals, unlike bugs that prefer to feed on humans and are mostly attracted to furry beings. But, arachnids may bite humans, too, if there’s no animal available. 

On the other hand, bed bugs will also target your furry friends once they’ve been out from their human host. 

Harm They Cause

Bed bugs [1] may be less harmful compared to arachnids. Some arachnids like spiders, scorpions, mites, and ticks can be dangerous to humans. There are poisonous spiders, and mites and ticks that can cause serious skin irritation. 

On the other hand, bed bugs rarely transmit disease. They will only leave red bumps on your skin once you’re bitten. 


As we mentioned above, the bites of arachnids may bring more potential danger than bites of bed bugs. Arachnids like black widow spiders can poison you once you’re bitten. 

But with bed bugs, their bites can only leave you a red bump on the skin. However, too many bed bug bites may cause a severe allergic reaction. Here are facts about bed bugs.


How dangerous are arachnids?

Arachnids can be really dangerous if they are provoked. They bite because you intentionally stuck them, or they accidentally get stuck between your skin and some other objects. 

Also, it can be dangerous if you encounter poisonous arachnids with venom that can threaten your health. But can bed bugs be a spiritual attack?

What are arachnids and examples?

Arachnids are an arthropod group of animals that includes spiders, ticks, mites, daddy longlegs, and scorpions. All arachnids have eight legs, and they dont have an antenna. Also, their body contains two sections– the cephalothorax in front and the abdomen behind. 

Final Thoughts

Bed bugs are not arachnids, as they are insects belonging to the “Insecta” class from the Cimicidae family. Though they look similar to arachnids, like ticks, they belong to a different group at the Kingdom Animalia. 

Furthermore, bed bugs are different from arachnids in terms of the number of feet, harm they cause, host, and effects of bites. But what causes a bed bug infestation?

We can say that bed bugs are not potentially dangerous compared to arachnids that may pose a serious threat to your life due to their nature. 



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