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Who We Are

We are Central Ohio Bed Bugs, (no longer the Bed Bug Task Force) a locally recognized company specializing in bed bug extermination services in Columbus, Ohio. Composed of skilled exterminators and savvy homeowners, our team’s shared experiences dealing with persistent bed bug infestations have led us to provide practical and professional solutions to those in need.

We expanded from our original mission, transforming into a dedicated service company. Our aim is to uphold our reputation as the leading local resource for all bed bug-related issues in Columbus and the broader Central Ohio area.

Who We Are
What We Offer​

What We Offer

In the face of increasing bed bug infestations across Ohio, we’re committed to ensuring you’re prepared, informed, and capable of combating these pests. As your local bed bug exterminators, we provide more than just remedial actions – we arm you with the knowledge to take proactive measures.

We specialize in advising homeowners on prevention strategies and early detection techniques. Furthermore, we provide effective treatment solutions and control methods, tailored to suit your unique circumstances.

Why Trust Us

At Central Ohio Bed Bugs, we prioritize accuracy and reliability. Every piece of information shared on our website is meticulously fact-checked by our team, ensuring that our recommended solutions are both practical and scientifically sound.

We’ve been in your shoes, grappling with serious bed bug infestations, so we understand the importance of offering proven, dependable solutions. That’s why each service we provide has been field-tested and refined to offer maximum effectiveness.

Feel free to contact us anytime with your questions or suggestions. Our team of bed bug experts in Columbus, Ohio, is always ready to lend a hand. As your local bed bug exterminator in Columbus, Ohio, we’re committed to helping you reclaim your peace of mind from these unwelcome invaders.

Why Trust Us ​