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Bed Bug Do’s and Dont’s


If you know that you have bed bugs in your home, here are some things that will help you get the pests under control:

  • Contact your landlord or apartment manager immediately! Follow up with letter to them that you send via certified mail
  • File a complaint with the appropriate agency.
    Note: Do not contact any enforcement agency until you have contacted your landlord IN WRITING and IF he refused to treat your unit!
    In Columbus: Call (614) 645-3111 (Mayor’s Action Line)
    Delaware City / Delaware County: (740) 368-1700 (Delaware County General Health District)
    Other areas of Franklin County (except the City of Worthington:) Call 525-3160 (Franklin County Public Health)
    Madison County / London: (740) 852-3065 (Madison County Health Department)
    City of Worthington: www/
  • Follow the exterminator’s fact sheet as you prepare your home for treatment!
  • Buy entomologist certified bed bug encasements for your mattresses and springs!
  • Wash all of your bedding in hot water and dry it in the dryer on the hottest setting for a minimum of 30 minutes AFTER IT IS COMPLETELY DRY.
  • Wash or dry clean all of your clothing in hot water and dry them in a hot dryer for at least 30 minutes AFTER IT IS COMPLETELY DRY. Store the clean clothing in tightly sealed plastic bags!
  • Eliminate clutter from your home. Store things that you want to keep in tightly covered plastic totes. Completely destroy anything that you throw away!
  • Use a licensed pest management professional (exterminator!) It is generally illegal for a tenant to treat his unit himself!
  • Completely wrap any furniture that your exterminator tells you that he cannot treat in plastic and seal all of the seams with strong tape before you remove it from your home. Completely destroy anything that you throw away!
  • Thoroughly vacuum the floor and baseboards in the rooms that have bed bugs. Vacuum often. After each vacuuming, sprinkle about half a cup of talcum powder or corn starch on the floor, then sweep it into the dust cup or sweeper bag. Empty the dust cup or remove the vacuum cleaner bag after you’ve finished. Put the bag or dust in a plastic trash bag. Seal it, and put it in an outdoor trash container!
  • Limit visitors to your home until the bed bugs are gone!
  • Check your clothing, shoes, backpacks and purses before you leave the house! Don’t spread the bugs!
  • Use a product such as Benadryltm ointment on the bites to relieve the itching. If the over-the-counter product doesn’t relieve the Itching, please contact your doctor!


These things will make your bed bug problem worse:

  • Ignore the problem! It will only get worse!
  • File a complaint with an enforcement agency until you’ve given your landlord an opportunity to correct the problem!
  • Use over- the- counter chemicals! They will not kill the all of the bed bugs.
  • Use fly spray (bug bombs) to kill bed bugs! They do NOT work, and they may spread the infestation!
  • Use farm and garden insecticides in the house! They are all highly toxic, and they could make you very sick!
  • Spray rubbing alcohol in the house! It is extremely flammable!
  • Throw away your furniture unless your exterminator tells you that he cannot treat it! Completely destroy anything that you throw away!!
  • Give or loan clothing, furniture, toys or other personal belongings to anyone while you have bed bugs!
  • TRY NOT TO: Scratch the bed bug bites! You could develop a serious skin infection!