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Thrift Stores: Protect Your Business, Employees and Customers

Carefully inspect the item(s) that are to be sold/donated. Pay particular attention to: Bed Frames/Mattresses, Coffee/End TablesDressers, Stuffed AnimalsWall Hangings, LuggageUpholstered Furniture, Clothing/Shoes/Purses, Check corners and crevices for signs of bed bug…

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Bed Bugs in the Workplace

It is becoming fairly commonplace to find bed bugs in public and private work places. Why? Bed bugs are small and they like to hide. Anyone could carry them into your building on their clothing, personal belongings and shoes. However there is no need to panic if you find them in your work place. Properly handled, the bed bugs can be…

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Tips for Shopping at Thrift Stores and Garage Sales

Bed bugs are back in central Ohio with a vengeance! And they don’t care if you drive a Porsche or a Pinto. Bring home bed bugs, and you get more than you bargained for: infestations, perhaps thousands of dollars in extermination fees, loss of property, isolation and anxiety. Follow these tips to help…

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